Past Winners

Want to hear the winning entries from past MARCEs competitions? Just click the play button next to the client's name.
Best Branding/Best of Show - Notre Dame Academy, The Girls at Notre Dame Academy
Most Entertaining - Louisiana Dental Center, We Cater to Cowards
Most Effective - First Choice, Where Will Your First Day Be?
Judge's Choice - Vancouver Canucks, Play For This
Best Branding (1st place) - Santander Bank, London Cycle Hire - Hire Ride Return
Best Branding (2nd place) - Nuisance Wildlife Rangers, The Right Choice
Most Entertaining - Haven Holidays, Britain's Favourite, Seaside Holiday
Most Effective - Santander Bank, London Cycle is Hire - Hire Ride Return
Judge's Choice (1st place) - Streamworks, Streamworks MOH
Judges's Choice (2nd place) - Binkelman Corporation, Interviews
 Best of Show - Santander Bank, London Cycle Hire, Hire Ride Return
Gold Award - World of Music
Silver Award- Happy Chef
Silver Award - DB Searles Bar and Restaurant
Judge's Choice Award -
Golden Award -  Tornmar Janitorial
Silver Award- JJ's Indoor Play Area
Judge's Choice Award - La Carreta Mexican Restaurant
Gold Award- Binkelman Corporation
Gold Award - Nine Design
Silver Award  - Fraserway RV
Silver Award - Alton Towers
Judges Choice _ Aucoin Hart Fine Jewelry New Orleans
Gold Award - Goodlife Health Clubs
Gold Award - Orient Express
Silver Award - Walter's Goodyear
Silver Award - Mike Bruno's Harley
Gold Award - Leather Brothers
Silver Award - Walter's Goodyear - California Drivin'
Silver Award - Walter's Goodyear - Clown Cars
Judge's Choice - Binkelman Corporation
Judge's Choice - Boelcke Heating
Gold Award - The Pet Bam
Silver Award - Hell Pizza
Judge's Choice - Amazing Space
Judge's Choice - Discount Parts Exchange
Gold Award - Gates GMC Nissan  
Silver Award - Amazing Space  
Silver Award - Mint Insurance  
Judge's Choice - Kellermeyer Co.  
Judge's Choice - Barn Burner  
Very Important Paws  
Discount Parts Exchange  
Best Car Care  
 Mad Science  
Holiday Barn Pet Resort